Rift Valley Marathon (2014)

Kenyan Cattle Dip

Kenyan High School High Jump (OFFICIAL)

Rift Valley Marathon (2013)

an unforgettable experience awaits you

in the magical great rift valley, kenya

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If running in Africa is on your ‘bucket list’ you won’t want to miss this exciting tour. In addition to participating in the race on March 18th you will experience: 

  • A fully guided four day tour of Eldoret and surrounding regions. You will visit running tracks, schools, community projects, tea plantations, and get to know some of the secrets of the Kenyan runners.
  • A fully guided three day safari in the world famous Masai Mara Game Park.




  • From March 16-19th guests will stay at the Rift Valley Resource Centre. This high altitude training camp near the village of Mosoriot was designed by University of Waterloo architecture students. Guests will stay in shared rooms and dine in the adjacent Tiki Bar (below left and right)
  • From March 20th-22nd guests will stay in one of the park’s luxury lodges such as the Mara Sopa Lodge (centre below)

IMG_00001248mara sopa lodge


NOTE: Those who are NOT booking the tour and wish to overnight prior to the race may choose one of the following hotels.




John is the founder of Run for Life, a Canadian based not for profit running organization. John, has been traveling to the part of Africa for more than 10 years to support education, health care and and a host of community based projects. After his morning run through shaded and winding Kenya trails John can be found enjoying his chai.

sudha and jess

  • March 16 – Arrive Eldoret – pick up and transport to Rift Valley Resource Ctr.
  • March 17 – Visit city of Eldoret, explore nearby waterfall, and attend pre-race pasta dinner in the Tiki Bar
  • March 18 – Race Day
  • March 19 – Opportunity to attend church, visit schools, and Run for Life community projects. 
  • March 20 – Travel to Masai Mara Game Park with late afternoon game drive upon arrival in the park.
  • March 21 – Full day safari
  • March 22 – Morning safari with afternoon departure to Nairobi. Option to dine in Kenya’s most famous restaurant, CARNIVORE

Masai Mara Safari

The Masai Mara is Kenya’s greatest wildlife reserve, a large extension of open plain grasslands, woodlands and smooth hills rich in some of Africa’s most thrilling wildlife. Occupying an area of 320 km² in south-western Kenya, within the Great Serengeti ecosystem, it’s effectively the northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park and game reserve in Tanzania.

The Masai Mara’s quantity and variety of wildlife is breathtaking. The reserve is perhaps most famous for its lions, which are found in large numbers, and for the annual wildebeest migration, known as the Great Migration, largely considered one of World’s most exceptional natural phenomena. Many other distinctive African wildlife are to be found in the Mara, from elephants, antelopes and giraffes to leopards and hyenas. Hippopotami and crocodiles are found in large groups all along the Mara and Talek Rivers. There is a reasonable population of the endangered black rhinoceros (in 2000 37 individuals were recorded) and of Cheetah, although their numbers are also threatened, chiefly due to tourist disruption of their day-time hunting.


Fully guided tour includes airport pick up in Eldoret, ground transport to Nairobi, accommodation, meals, guide, park fees, taxes and gratuities.  All prices are in US Dollars

March 16-22nd   $USD 1175.00

For tour bookings please contact: Jacqueline Mwathe:  

Bush Troop Safaris 
P.O. Box 00515-1226 Buru Buru, 
Nairobi, Kenya. 
Telephone: +254203316645 
Fax: 254-20- 318298
Cell Phone: 254 733 725823, 254 722 802513 . 

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