an unforgettable experience awaits you

in the magical great rift valley, kenya

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Micro Financing for women’s SElf help groups

Proceeds from the event and online donations will increase support that can be offered to a variety of business projects led by women’s self help groups. The Cheptegei Women’s Self Help Group can be seen above at the opening of their cattle dip, a structure used to treat livestock on a weekly basis to prevent disease. This Run for Life sponsored micro credit project will generate approximately $25 per week for the self help group.


Running Water InitiativeThe Running Water program brings potable water to schools and communities with the use of renewable energy. The program engages local trades educators and their students. Run for Life volunteers assist in fundraising, training, project design, and oversight. Working with Cheptarit Youth Polytechnic School, Run for Life Ambassador and plumber Jeff Ruigrok is pictured above designing a water filtration system.

Global Outreach

Global Outreach links schools in the developing world with schools in the developed world. This innovative program supplies IT equipment to marginalized schools to allow the children and educators to learn collaboratively with a partnered school. The students at Sokkin Academy can be seen here using their laptop and blogging with their partnered Canadian school. Perhaps your school could establish a relationship with a school in rural Kenya?


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