Rift Valley Marathon (2014)

Kenyan Cattle Dip

Kenyan High School High Jump (OFFICIAL)

Rift Valley Marathon (2013)

an unforgettable experience awaits you

in the magical great rift valley, kenya

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RFL-Logo(1) cropMake the most of your race by raising funds to support one of the Run for Life administered projects in rural Kenya. Run for Life is a Canadian not for profit organization whose overseas programs focus on education, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and water supply.

Shake your Power charging unit and mobile phone combination

TYpjPVPFA previous Rift Valley Marathon participant and global musician, Sudha Kheterpal created this percussion instrument called Spark. As you shake it, the Spark device produces enough power to charge a mobile phone and run an LED lighting system. The best thing about Spark is that the students actually build the shaker from a kit and learn about renewable energy. Your fundraising can be directed to provide a student with a Spark shaker, a mobile phone, and a simple data plan so that you can stay in touch and learn more about their life long after the race. You can meet the recipient on race day! Cost for the shaker, mobile phone, and data plan is US$150.00

Buffalo Bicycle

Buffalo Bike - cropThe Buffalo Bicycle is a rugged, locally assembled bike well suited for the tough Kenyan roads. Direct your fundraising towards this project and bring safe, reliable transportation to a high school student in this region. The Buffalo Bicycles will be awarded on marathon day to scholars based on their academics, need, and community involvement. The cost to fund a bike is US$200.00

the village drill

IMG_7308Bring water to those who really need it! Through the Village Drill program, we drill wells for schools, clinics, and communities in rural Kenya. Run for Life volunteers and local vocational students have helped to drill a number of wells in this area of Kenya. The cost to fund a 75 foot deep bore hole well and install a hand pump is US$950.00.


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